There is no mercy for paedophiles and neo-Nazis. The press release of Labrisz

Labrisz Lesbian Association protests against the clemency decisions of Katalin Novak and demands that she apologises to the victims and actively supports them.
Labrisz collectively opposed Katalin Novak’s decision whereby she had granted mercy to a person who wished to cover up the headmaster’s child molesting acts against
young children in a children’s home in Bicske in Hungary. The Labrisz as an association found it deeply disturbing and unfair that Katalin Novak has made the decision to offer an official pardon to
said person. This appeared to be in sharp contrast of the values of the 2021 Child Protection law which was ratified without second thoughts by herself.
She showed no moral regret when providing amnesty in April 2023. Her decision required the countersignature of then current Justice Minister Dr Judit Varga whom resigned from her post in
June 2023. Therefore we ask, what kind of a politician is Katalin Novak who only approves wealthy traditional nuclear families, but disapproves and ignores their plea of those growing up in deprived
circumstances, such as the children in the care home? The children in the affected children’s home showed incredible courage upon admitting to being victims of the paedophile who molested
children for over a decade within the confines of the above children’s home.
The fact that Katalin Novak have ratified the controversial Child Protection law: Act LXXIX of 2021 signifies several crucial act of wrongdoing. Namely we at the association are under the impression
that with the legalisation of the discriminatory ACT LXXIX of 2021 she wished to target and subsequently halt those civil rights organisations that aimed to assist and inform LGBTQ+ youngsters
wider acceptance within and outside schools. Furthermore the above mentioned organisations freedom of expression had been limited, although it could have prevented the bullying of LGBTQ
students within and outside the school walls including their home setting. However, in comparison, the granted clemency to said person is in sharp contrast of what the Act LXXIX of 2021 represents.
Did she not mind that the above decision appeared to approve of institutional sexual abuse? In conclusion we collectively requested her resignation and a formal apology for all those victims and
their families who had been negatively affected in order to keep in line with the democratic values and children’s rights.
On the 10 of February 2024 both above mentioned politicians resigned. Their resignation follows a scandal and organised protests in the capital city. 
On 16 February, a huge demonstration took place on Heroes' Square protesting for the real protection of children.