13th LIFT Festival is coming soon!

Bwtween 8 and 10 Nocember we can get on the LIFT again! At this year's festival we will also celebrate the 20-year-old Labrisz with a focus on the relationships, activist and everyday experiences of different lesbian generations. At the opening ceremony, Ágnes Bárdos Deák, who gave an opening speech for LIFT in 2007, will now reflect on the private and public situations then and now, together with his daughter Zsófi Müller. The “XX Generations” photo exhibition also brings together members of the younger and older generations and their thoughts about each other.

The programs are diverse this year, too: we can participate in several creative handcraft workshops (collages, pebbles, lamps…), talk about our addictions, gender roles, asexuality, hear about lesbian activism in post-Yugoslav countries, participate at the launch of the freshly translated book on Anne Lister, alias Gentleman Jack, play poker with Csajka, taste and score muffins, listen to the best of this year’s literary competition, and dance at the women’s party, at the concert of Holnaplányok and to the music of DJ Zoewhale from Belgrade.


Detailed program is here.

Facebook-event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1189971281189772/

Twenty-year-old Labrisz is looking forward to welcoming everyone to the 13th LIFT!

Source of the photo: Fortepan