Birthday party in the LIFT! Labrisz is 18 years old

Dátum: 11 November, 2017
Helszín: Labrisz office, Szentkirályi u. 22-24, doorbell: ’Tégy az Emberért’. The entrance is on the right across the courtyard.
Belépő: --

It has been a Labrisz tradition since 2005 that in the autumn we press the button to call the elevator. That is, we organize LIFT Festival, a cultural and community event. This year, however, will be a bit different. Don’t worry, the LIFT hasn’t got stuck, we will reach many floors in it in the future. But now we have a good reason to step out of the elevator and celebrate.

Labrisz is 18 years old this year! So we invite you to celebrate with us. We are celebrating not just ourselves but the community, the time spent with you, our experiences and achievements. We will go nostalgetic, we will draw from memories of the past, which are important for us in the present and will give us power for the future. Come, celebrate with us!